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Bottle bills work!

Glass bottle, plastic bottle, aluminum can

Bottle bills (also known as container deposit laws) are a proven, sustainable method of capturing beverage bottles and cans for recycling. The refund value of the container (usually 5 or 10 cents) provides a monetary incentive to return the container for recycling.

Bottle Bills...
  • Supply recyclable materials for a high-demand market
  • Conserve energy and natural resources
  • Create new businesses and jobs
  • Reduce waste disposal costs
  • Reduce litter
  • and provide many more benefits

News and Updates

  • In Memory of Senator Jim Jeffords - August 14th, 2014 - It is with deep regret that CRI informs you of former Senator Jim Jeffords passing on Monday, August 18, 2014. Senator Jeffords was a staunch supporter of the environment, education, the arts, and farm issues. Jeffords not only introduced the federal bottle deposit bill in 1975 and 1989, but also continued to do so well into the 2000s (National Beverage Container Producer Responsibility Act of 2003). Jeffords also championed consumer protection and worked with the Vermont Legislature to draft the state’s Act 250 land use law and bottle deposit rules. Jeffords goal was to “create accessible bottle and can recycling options for all Americans.” His legacy is summed up by the words of Rep. Peter Welch, “Americans are breathing cleaner air and drinking cleaner water because of his fierce advocacy for the environment and clean energy.” Let us all follow in his footsteps to make the world a cleaner, greener place.

Explore Bottle Bills

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If you're new to bottle bills or have some questions, these resources will help you gain understanding, from how bottle bills work to what makes them so effective.

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From the United States to Canada to the rest of the world, bottle bills are everywhere. This is also the place to find out about campaigns for new or updated deposit laws.



Keep up to date with the latest media coverage of bottle bills, including new campaigns, proposed changes to bottle bills, and public opinions.



Want to start a bottle bill where you live? Get facts and resources, and arm yourself against the opposition with the Bottle Bill Toolkit.

The Bottle Bill Resource Guide is an ongoing project of the Container Recycling Institute, dedicated to providing comprehensive information about beverage container deposit laws across the US and around the world.

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