Bottle Bill Resource Guide

Hawaii Bottle Bill History

 Original Law2007 ExpansionCurrent Law
Name Solid Waste Management; Deposit Beverage Container Law (Act 176)
Purpose To increase participation and recycling rates for specified deposit beverage containers, provide a connection between manufacturing decisions and recycling program management, and reduce litter.
Enacted 6/25/2002 6/10/2007  
Implemented 1/1/2005 3/1/2008  
Beverages Covered Beer, mixed spirits, mixed wine, coffee & teas, carbonated soft drinks, water. Excludes dairy, wine, and liquor   all nonalcoholic drinks, except for milk or dairy products, and limited alcoholic drinks (beer, malt beverages, mixed spirits, mixed wine).
Containers Covered Metal, glass, PET, or HDPE container Added 2-liter containers (64-68 oz) labeled with HI-5 refund value Aluminum, bi-metal, glass, plastic (PET and HDPE only) up to 68 oz.
Amount of Deposit  
Redemption Rate    

FY 2015 - 
Aluminum - 76%
Glass - 65.4%
Plastic - 60.8%


Reclamation System State certified redemption centers (RC), see note [c] Certified Redemption Centers (CRCs) operated by privately-owned, State-permitted solid waste facilities (a)
Unredeemed Deposits Property of state: used for program administration   Property of state: used for program administration
Handling Fee   Variable fee of 2–4¢ paid to redemption centers from the Deposit Beverage Container Fund. [b]
Other Fees 1-1.5¢ non-refundable container fee (added to price of beverage) paid to the state. See note [d]   1¢ non-refundable "container fee" (added to price of beverage) paid to Deposit Beverage Container fund to help pay redemption centers handling fees. [c]
Program success    
FY 2015 - 68%
FY 2014 - 72.6%
FY 2013 - 75.0%
FY 2012 - 76.6%
FY 2011 - 75.7%
FY 2010 - 76.1%
FY 2009 - 78.7%
FY 2008 - 72.0%
FY 2007 - 67.6%
FY 2006 - 67.6%
FY 2006-2015 - 73% 
Notes redemption centers must submit reports regularly, Refund may be calculated by weight    


[a] Retailer exemptions vary depending on local population density, proximity to a redemption center, and store size.

[b] 4¢ for glass to be used in remanufacturing applications, 2¢ for glass to be used in construction & agriculture applications. Source: Hawaii Department of Health. "Handling Fee Adjustment For Glass Deposit Containers." September 9, 2008
Handling fees for aluminum, bi-metal, and plastic are 2¢ for Oahu and 3¢ for neighbor islands. Source: email communication with Jennifer Tosaki. July 6, 2010

[c] BEVERAGE CONTAINER FEE TO DECREASE BY HALF CENT - Lower annual redemption rate triggers a decrease of container fee. July 27th 2015.

[d] Source: Hawaii Department of Health - Hawaii Deposit Beverage Container Statistics

[e] Source: Hawaii Department of Health. "Beverage container fee increases by half cent to continue successful recycling program." July 18, 2012