2015 Senate File 72

Bill Number and Name Senate File 72
Primary Sponsor Senator Brad Zaun
Beverages Covered Wine


1/26/2015 Introduced
1/26/2015 Referred to Natural Resources and Environment Committee

Deposits and Fees

• Deposit: beverage containers containing wine are not required to have the beverage container refund value affixed to the container

2015 House File 234

Bill Number and Name House File 234
Primary Sponsor Representative Gaskill


H 02/12/2015 Introduced
H 02/12/2015 Referred to Environmental Protection Committee

Deposits and Fees

• Handling Fee: This bill increases the reimbursement amount received by a dealer or person operating a redemption center who redeems empty beverage containers from 1 cent per container to 2 cents per container.

Updated May 14, 2015


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