Rhode Island

House Bill 5508

Bill Number and Name House Bill 5508: Reduce Marine Debris And Preserve Landfill Space While Increasing The Recycling Of Post-consumer Packaging Material
Primary Sponsor Representatives Carson, Regunberg, Fogarty, Handy, and Blazejewski


2/12/2015 Introduced. Referred to House Finance


Calls on packaging producers to develop a plan to fund the recycling of at least 80 percent of packaging sold in the state by 2020. Producers would be given 12 months to devise a collective or individual plan to collect and recycle post-consumer packaging used in the state.

By 2020, producers would need to reach 80 percent recycling rates "for each type of packaging" and could not rely on waste-to-energy or incineration to get there. The bill is tied to efforts to reduce the amount of packaging that ends up in oceans.


Producers covered under a material type that does not achieve specific material-type recycling rates are subject to fines of up to 1 million dollars per year of noncompliance.


House Bill 5673

Bill Number and Name House Bill 5673: Solid waste: beverage containers
Primary Sponsor Representatives Handy, Carson, Ruggiero, Naughton, Williams


2/26/2015 Introduced, referred to House Environment and Natural Resources
3/12/2015 Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration (03/19/2015)
3/19/2015 Committee recommended measure be held for further study


Calls on various stakeholders (task force) – including the state's Department of Environmental Management (DEM), RIRRC, municipalities and manufacturers – within Rhode Island to assess and to report on and recommend changes to the management of the state's current EPR programs.

The proposed bill would also prohibit municipalities from adopting or enforcing any local ordinances or requirements for product stewardship that exceed or otherwise conflict with such recommended statewide standards.

Updated May 13, 2015

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