Delaware's deposit law was repealed by Senate Bill 234 in 2010. Consumers ceased paying deposits on December 1, 2010, and refunds ceased on January 31, 2011. See Delaware's page on the replacement system: its Universal Recycling law.

Name Beverage Container Regulation
Purpose To reduce litter
Enacted 6/30/1982
Implemented Wholesale: 11/15/1982; Retail: 1/15/1983
Beverages Covered Beer, malt, ale, soft drinks, mineral water, soda water
Containers Covered All beverage containers under 2qt. Excludes aluminum
Amount of Deposit
Redemption Rate No statistics available
Reclamation System Retail stores and redemption centers
Unredeemed Deposits Retained by distributor/bottlers
Handling Fee 20% of deposit (1¢)


Some notes on the Delaware deposit law: Redemption centers must submit reports regularly, Refund may be calculated by weight

Updated June 16, 2012

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