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Law Summary Statutory Order on Packaging for Beer and Soft Drinks # 124, amended by Statutory Order #540 requires all domestic beer and soft drink to be sold in refillable bottles. Metal containers are effectively banned. Mandatory deposit/return system for imported containers made of glass and plastic.
Date Implemented (#124) 1989; amended (#540) in 1991
Containers Covered All glass and plastic beverage containers
Beverages Covered Beer and Soft Drinks
Refundable Deposits Beer and soft drinks
  • U.S. $0.27 < 99 cl. (voluntary)
  • U.S. $0.78 > 99 cl. (voluntary)
Refillable PET:
U.S. $.78 (voluntary)
Fees / Taxes
  • U.S. $0.14 0.1 - 0.6 liters
  • U.S. $0.23 0.6 - 1.06 liters
  • U.S. $0.33 > 1.06 liters
Program Success

Recycle/Redemption Rate as of 2010:
89% for Can, PET <1L & >1L, Glass

Non-refillable containers are recycled at the following rates:

  • Beer and Soft Drinks 99.5%
  • Refillable PET 99%
  • Liquor 60%
  • Wine 80% (reuse and recovery)

Refillables containers comprise 97% of market share
Refillable PET: 33% of soft drink market share

Trippage rate: 32 trips (average for all containers)

Updated June 22, 2016

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