Kiribati: Before and After Kaoki Mange Project

Before and after photos of Lagoonside beach
November 2003

Lagoonside Beach

January 2006

This beach area shown is close to a high-density housing area.  Also, this beach has consistently been a dumping area for household wastes from housing across the street.  This practice still continues, but even so, there has been a clear improvement in beach cleanliness.  This spot is a place where rubbish is dumped on the beach, and dispersed by the tide to adjacent areas.


A lot of litter at Stewart Causeway a little litter at Stewart Causeway Less litter at Stewart Causeway
September 2003
May 2005
December 2005

Stewart Causeway, Ambo, Tarawa

The Stewart Causeway is about halfway along the South Tarawa Strip.  These photos were taken from the west end of the causeway, looking toward the village of Ambo, on the ocean side.  Population density at this area is not high by Tarawa standards, with no housing immediately adjacent to the point where the photos were taken; however, it can be seen that in 2003 the beach was still extremely dirty.  Nearly all the wastes on the beach here in 2003 were washed from along the beach by the village.  By 2005, it can be seen that the wastes on the beach are much less, and this reflects the decreased wastes on the beach in the village, by housing.

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