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After several unsuccessful attempts, Guam's legislature succeeded in enacting a deposit system in 2011.

Law Summary Public Law 30-221, "Guam Beverage Container Recycling Act"
Date Implemented Signed December 30, 2010
Will be implemented 6 months after an agreement of support by the military is signed.
Beverages Covered All nonalcoholic beverages, beer, ale, malt beverages, mixed spirits, mixed wine. Excludes milk, supplements, and medicines.
Containers Covered Any sealed glass, metal, or plastic container, up to 64 oz.
Refundable Deposits
Fees / Taxes 20% of the deposit is kept by the EPA
Recovery System Return to redemption centers
Unclaimed Deposits Retained by EPA
Program Success Unavailable


As of late 2012, the system is not yet operational. However, in a Nov. 15 interview, Senator Tina Muña-Barnes (the bill's primary sponsor) announced that in preliminary meetings, the bill did have the support of stakeholders and military representatives, which is crucial for the process to move forward.


*All information on this page was gathered from the documentation of the legislative process [pdf,30Mb]

Updated December 19, 2011

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