Name of Program Packaging and Packaging Waste Management Act
Date Implemented Enacted 2014, Implemented 2016
Materials Plastic Metal Glass 0.1L -3L
Beverages Covered Beer and beer cocktails; cider and other fermented beverages, mixed alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages, all types of water, juice and nectars sold in glass, plastic and metal (tin) packaging. Fruit wines and wine-porduct cocktailers, are included when sold in plastic and metal packaging.
Excluded Beverages Milk, wine and spirits
Refundable Deposits 11¢ per container
Unclaimed deposits Uzstato Sistemos Administratorius (USAD)
Handling Fees RVM with compaction: 3¢
RVM without compaction: 2¢
Manual: 3¢
Redemption System Return-to-Retail: Containers can be returned for a refund of the deposit in all shops with and are of >300m2
Program Success Total Return Rate: 74%
Updated August 17, 2017

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