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Turks and Caicoss

The Turks and Caicos Islands (a territory of the United Kingdom) adopted a deposit on beverage containers in the spring of 2011. At present, the system is still in development. We will continue to update this page as developments occur.

Law Summary  
Date Implemented  
Beverages Covered  
Containers Covered Glass, aluminum, plastic
Refundable Deposits 8¢ up to 16 ounces (5¢ refundable)
13¢ over 16 ounces (10¢ refundable)
Fees / Taxes  
Recovery System Redemption Centers
Unclaimed Deposits  
Program Success  


In Turks and Caicos, the deposit law was developed and implemented with little fanfare. In April of 2010, the Governor's Advisory Council unanimously approved the proposal, and by spring of 2011, the process of approving redemption centers was well underway.

The deposit in this system is partially refundable. The non-refundable portion is used to operate redemption centers and administrate the system, which is run by the Environmental Health Department.

Section  51 of the Public and Environmental Health Ordinance   of the Turks and Caicos Islands  allows for the imposition  of the  levy.



Updated December 17, 2011

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