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March 29, 2007

The Post-Star
Letter to the Editor

Don't buy into fear of Better Bottle Bill

I am in favor of the Better Bottle Bill. How is it that we think we can use plastic and glass bottles and then throw them away, at no cost to us or the environment?

How about the idea that all sizes of plastic bottles that are filled with water -- water that is probably no cleaner than tap water, are desirable?

We are led to believe that we need this "special" water -- let me guess -- by believing the marketing techniques of the huge bottled-water industry, and then after we drink the water, we are then told that the plastic bottle container should be simply tossed into the trash.

We have all heard big-business arguments about how we will be forced to pay more for bottled beverages if we recycled the bottles.

Do you really think we will be paying that much more? I have to laugh sometimes at the arguments the companies use to sway opinion.

Back in the 1960s, we heard how we would be paying more for our cars when the car manufacturing companies were forced to install seat belts.

I remember how much they whined about that, saying that the cost of an automobile would "skyrocket" if installing seat belts in cars were mandatory.

It's a fear technique, and it will only work if we believe it.

This time, let's choose to believe that there is a better way and insist on doing the right thing.

I hope you join me in support of the Better Bottle Bill.


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