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April 3, 2007

WaterTech Online

NY bottle bill is casualty of budget deal

ALBANY, NY — New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer dropped his proposal to place a 5-cent deposit on bottles of noncarbonated beverages, including bottled water, from the recently approved state budget as part of negotiations with state legislators to produce an on-time budget.

Although the bottle bill is dead for now, Spitzer said he is "hopeful we will have a bottle bill in this legislative session," according to a March 30 Gannett News Service report.

The governor's proposal, which was supported by state environmental groups and municipal officials, included redirecting unclaimed deposit money — $25 million in the first year — to augment the Environmental Protection Fund, a source of funding for local environmental projects.

Beverage distributors, bottlers and grocers opposed the bill, noting that it would create additional work for distributors and retailers, thus driving up costs; the Republican-controlled Senate also opposed the bill, saying that it was a new tax.


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