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May 27, 2008

Mid-Hudson News

Ulster backs updated bottle law

KINGSTON – It is dubbed the bigger, better, bottle bill, and it has been kicked around for years with no success to date.

At present, there are deposits on containers for carbonated beverages, but with the proliferation of non-carbonated drinks, and bottled water, there is a push to place deposits on them too.

The bill, supported by the governor, has local backing as well, including from the Environment Committee of the Ulster County Legislature, said its chairman Brian Shapiro.

“It’s an outdated law as it stands now and doesn’t take into account all of the potential for recycling bottled water,” he said. The legislature also supports having unclaimed deposit money go toward the state’s environmental fund, which could then be used for recycling, can be used for open space initiatives and for good reasons and good causes.”

Right now, unclaimed deposit monies are kept by the bottling companies.



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