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July 14, 2009


CRV and fruit juice

Q: CRV and fruit juice

Why do some 48-ounce fruit juice bottles require a CA deposit while others do not?

- Jim Morrison

Rancho Palos Verdes

Noncarbonated fruit drinks that contain any percentage of fruit juice and carbonated fruit drinks are charged a California Redemption Value.

Exempt from CRV are 100 percent fruit juices in containers of 46 ounces or larger.

Department of Conservation's Division of Recycling has a detailed but not all-inclusive list of beverages online at www.conservation.ca.gov/dor/Documents/CRVinOutList.pdf. The list includes the brand name, whether or not it is charged a CRV and why.

If you do not see an item on the list or believe a beverage has been charged a CRV when it should not, call the department's Beverage Recycling information line at 800-732-9253 (RECYCLE).

Additional items charged a CRV are beer and malt beverages; wine coolers and distilled spirit coolers; coffee and tea beverages; carbonated water, including soda and carbonated mineral water; noncarbonated water, including noncarbonated mineral water; carbonated soft drinks; vegetable juice in containers 16 ounces and under; and sports drinks.

Additional excluded beverages are milk, medical food, infant formula, wine and vegetable juice in containers larger than 16 ounces.

- Stephanie Walton


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