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January 21, 2009

News 10 Now

Lobbyists work for passage of Bigger Better Bottle Bill

SYRACUSE, N.Y. -- Proponents of the Bigger Better Bottle Bill were in Syracuse Wednesday to campaign for the new recycling incentives the bill promises. Environmentalists from groups like the DEC and SUNY ESF took part.

If passed, the bottle bill would make plastic juice and water bottles eligible for five cent deposits previously reserved for returned soda and beer containers. The law was passed by the state Assembly last June, but lobbyists continue to try to get the Senate to pass it. The bill's proponents say the existing bill has been a huge success, but add that it is time to expand the bill's scope.

"I mentioned the 90 billion bottles that have come back into the manufacturer's waste stream without having to go through landfills. So it's been a great success and obviously, the new world today includes water bottles, everybody has water bottles, plastic water bottles, and there's no reason they shouldn't be covered by the existing bottle bill," said State DEC Commissioner Pete Grannis.

Proponents add that passing the bill would increase state revenue and reduce landfill waste.

Video available at: http://news10now.com/content/all_news/central_new_york/132138/lobbyists-work-for-passage-of-bigger-better-bottle-bill/Default.aspx

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