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October 23, 2009

Associated Press

Nickel Deposits to Be Collected on Bottled Water in New York

ALBANY (AP) — A federal judge issued an order on Friday lifting an injunction on an expansion of the state’s bottle bill, meaning that nickel deposits will be imposed on bottled water starting Oct. 31.

All containers of water under a gallon will have a 5-cent refundable deposit, as beer and soda containers have had for years.

Gov. David A. Paterson pushed to include the expanded recycling law as part of the budget passed in April, and it was supposed to take effect in June. But it was stayed after a coalition of bottled water companies filed suit in May, claiming that the expanded law was unconstitutional. Laura Haight, a senior environmental associate at the New York Public Interest Research Group, praised the ruling, by Judge Deborah A. Batts of United States District Court, saying the new deposits would result in more recycling and less litter.

The Food Industry Alliance of New York State, a trade group representing groceries, has said the expansion will increase the cost of a 24-pack of water by $2.

Governor Paterson issued a statement on Friday saying that 80 percent of unclaimed deposits would go to the state as much-needed revenue.


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