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October 27, 2009

Beverage Daily

Ruling confirms recycling deposit on New York bottled water

All bottled water sold in New York State must include a 5 cent recycling deposit from 31 October following a court filing late last week.
Judge Deborah Batts unblocked the passage of the expanded New York State bottle bill back in August saying companies must comply with its requirements by 22 October unless they could demonstrate that compliance would be impossible.

Industry critic

The International Bottled Water Association, Nestle Waters North America and Polar Corp had challenged the environmental bill in May alleging that the bill just amounted to another tax that would do nothing to aid recycling.

“Deposit systems are inefficient and ineffective, and do little to help the environment as they target such a small part of the waste stre
am,” said the International Bottled Water Association. “Bottle bills are not the answer to addressing solid waste issues. Rather, they are simply another tax on consumers.”

Now the expanded bottle bill, which previously covered just sodas and beer, is to come into force on 31 October after Judge Deborah Batts signed a ruling late on Friday.

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