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October 27, 2009


Stores, suppliers confused over new water bottle deposit

Forestport, Oneida Co. (WSYR-TV) - Get ready to pay an extra five cents a bottle for water starting this weekend. Anything under a gallon will carry a five cent deposit that can be reclaimed when you redeem your bottles. 

A judge's ruling late Friday makes it all effective as of this Saturday.

At Nichols, just like most other stores, bottles of water fill the shelves, but by Saturday, many of the bottles would have to be pulled and replaced with ones that have the proper five cent deposit labels.

While there will be a short grace period for turning over stock, many stores all over New York are scrambling. “It will be against the law to sell it, which means all this water is going to have to be picked up out of the stores,  hauled back to wherever it came from and then hauled out of state,” said Nichols Supermarket owner Mike Hennigan.

Officially, the State Department of Environmental Conservation says what stores do with the water is up to them; it just can't be sold without proper labeling. Hennigan says for stores, it's not just getting rid of the water and bringing in a new, compliant supply. He says store computers will have to be reprogrammed to add the nickel deposit and there's adding those containers to bottle redemption computer so the nickel can be refunded properly. 

“I've gotten phone calls today from customers saying 'jeez Mike, tonight we put the blue bins out, do I put my water bottles in them or don't I?,'" said Hennigan.   

Any bottle of water you have now or will buy before Saturday will all go in your blue bin no matter when you recycle them. You won't be charged the five cent deposit until Saturday, so you can't reclaim it on any bottle bought before then.

Although the five cent deposit officially goes into effect Saturday, a grace period will allow retailers until November 8th to get all of their machines reprogrammed and stock properly rotated

Redemption center to process more
October 24, 2009

FAIRMOUNT (WSYR-TV) Bottle redemption centers will have a lot more bottles and cans to sort after Halloween. A judge lifted an injunction on the Bigger Better Bottle bill, which now allows certain water bottles to be redeemed for the deposit fee.

Water bottles that bear the label “NY 5-cent REFUND” are included in the redemption program and are eligible for the five-cent refund.

For bottle redemption centers like Central City Bottle Redemption Center, the bill is going to push up its daily bottle intake to 30-thousand bottles a day, which eight-thousand more than it processes now.

“We need it we've been struggling for probably 3-4 years so this boost is really going to help us get over the hump,” said Frank Procopio, the owner of Central City Bottle Redemption Center.

Procopio said the problem will lie in the sorting. He says it’ll take more time for each bottle to be sorted. Procopio says that’ll force him to hire more workers.

Regular bottle redeemers like Glen Krisak are for the idea because it forces people to recycle.

“I think that's good because I do drink a lot of water and my family does too, it's definitely a good thing,” said Krisak.

Procopio knows the new bill won’t be easy to adapt to, but he say the work is welcomed.

“Yeah we are going to getting a lot,” said Procopio.

For consumers, the new water bottle deposit fee will make a case of water cost a little more.

For each bottle, you’ll have to pay an extra 5-cents like you already do with soda and beer cans and bottles. So for a case of 24 water bottles, stores will tack on $2.00 more to the cost, which you will get back when you redeem the water bottles.


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