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October 28, 2009


New Bottle Bill Going into Effect in Stages
Reported by: Elizabeth Schubert

Webster, N.Y. -- Retailers now have more time to prepare their machines and registers to start collecting nickel deposits on water containers.

The stores were supposed to be ready Saturday, but the state is offering some retailers a grace period.

Different grocery stores will now start collecting the deposit on different dates.

Wegmans says its brand of water is ready, but the national brands aren't. So the company will wait until November 8 to start changing the deposit.

Tops Markets plans to make the change on Saturday, and so does Hegedorn's -- if everything goes well this week.

The managers at Hegedorn's say they're ready to go, but right now, they're playing a waiting game.
“We're dependent upon Tomra, who services our redemption center, to come in and program the machines,” says manager Ray Tierney. He expects Tomra to reprogram the system later this week.

For customers, the drill is the same.

“They're going to pay a deposit on the number of containers, and they're going to bring them back to the grocery store to return them, just like they do with all their pop and beer containers now,” Tierney says.

The difference is a little extra money at the register, which customers don't seem to mind.

“We just set up a bag just like we do with our pop bottles, and put out another cardboard box, and throw them in,” said Roberta Dilella.

“I hate to see these bottles wasted. People bring them back, and get their nickel, and they get reused.  It's a great thing,” said Bill Galbraith.

Under the new law, nickel deposits will be added to every glass metal or plastic container holding less than a gallon to water, as well as and flavored waters.


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