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November 13, 2009

ABC 50

"Bigger, Better Bottle Bill" now in place

There's now a nickel deposit on all bottled water sold in New York State.

The state's so-called bigger, better bottle bill took effect November 8th, adding bottled water to the list of beverage containers subjected to a five-cent deposit.

"Even a great law needs tuning up," said DEC Regional Director Judy Drabicki in a press release.

When the original bottle bill was enacted, non-carbonated drinks made up a tiny minority of overall beverage containers, she said. Now, they represent about 25 percent of the market.

In addition to imposing the nickel deposit on bottled water, the bill also raised handling fees for retails stores from two cents per container to 3.5 cents.

It also returns 80 percent of unclaimed deposits to the state. Before, deposits that customers paid on soda and beer containers and never reclaimed remained in the hands of beverage manufacturers.

The new regulation on unclaimed deposits adds tens of millions of dollars annually to state coffers.


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