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November 19, 2009

Times Ledger Newspapers
Letter to the Editor

New bottle law better protects nature

Last month, New Yorkers were treated to an environmental victory: the Bigger Better Bottle bill went into effect midnight Oct. 31.

Littered water bottles are everywhere. They are an eyesore and bad for the environment. Thanks to the original Bottle bill, there are fewer beer and soda bottles littering our streets.

With the implementation of the Bigger Better Bottle bill, we now have more reason to recycle bottles. The new law requires a 5-cent refundable deposit on water bottles in addition to the existing deposits on beer and soda containers.

Thank you, Gov. David Paterson, for your leadership on this issue and please continue to fight for stronger recycling programs in New York. We have all seen water bottles littering highways and ending up in the garbage. Now we know they will be properly recycled.

Jennifer Louie

Environmental Science Major

Queens College



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