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December 22, 2009


Redemption centers not seeing returns from new bottle bill

Syracuse (WSYR-TV) - Redemption centers were expecting big benefits after the state began collecting nickel deposits on water bottles, but fewer people are buying bottled water.

Sales were down 3.2 % last year and this year they're expected to drop another 2%, according to figures from the Beverage Marketing Corporation.

“I don't think they are buying them as much because it costs more money per case,” said Frank Procopio of Central City Redemption Center.

Procopio keeps track of just how many bags of water bottles he redeems a day and the numbers are a lot less than what he was expecting.

“We were expecting about 7 to 10,000 containers a day. That was my projected amount. We're not doing close to that,” Procopio said.

Another reason for the drop is that more people seem to be going “green” and switching to tap water. That’s something environmentalists like Dereth Glance have been pushing for years.

“It's more environmental. The green conscious movement is really spreading. Folks really realize that amount of trash and garbage we create and want to do something. That's really accessible to reduce that,” Glance said.

The Beverage Marketing Group also says sales for other bottle drinks also saw an even worse drop in sales this year.


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