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February 18, 2009

Albany Times-Union
Letter to the Editor

New bottle bill is long overdue

I was happy to read your Feb. 10 article about legislators and a variety of interested groups pushing for the "Bigger Better Bottle Bill.'' The old bill is out of date, and expanding it to include noncarbonated beverages could increase recycling and reduce litter. This is going to save us money and landfill space, two things we are short of now. The state's $15 billion deficit presents a lack of resources to solve both problems.

Speaking of the deficit – at a time when there are cuts to areas such as public health, education, and the environment, there is no justification for allowing the beverage companies to continue pocketing hundreds of millions of dollars that could be put back to work for the public.

To help ease the burden on landfills, clean up communities, and work to balance the budget, we need to include the "Bigger Better Bottle Bill'' in the budget this year.

Ryan Lennon


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