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May 4, 2009

The Post-Standard
Letter to the Editor

Redemption Time
Beverage industry must embrace expanded Bottle Law

To the Editor:

The beverage companies currently appear at the top of my "don't care" list as they continue their lack of support for the Bottle Law and its most recent expansion.

The days of a company not caring what happens to its product after it's sold should not only be at an end -- it should not be tolerated by the consumer! I thought the consequences of corporate greed and detachment were learned from the tobacco companies.

Is a container going to end up in our solid waste stream, or will it be recycled? All efforts should support the most successful and effective recycling option. If the beverage industry had followed this thought process, it would have supported the Bottle Law all these years.

My sympathy for the cost to industry for this current Bottle Law expansion is less than zero. Had they been environmentally responsible from the beginning, they would have embraced and supported the deposit system and saved the millions spent lobbying against it. It is not the Bottle Law's expansion that is costing them money, it is their lack of environmental concern and poor decisions. I only wish they would stop whining and step up to the "green" plate now.

I urge New York state legislators to stand their environmental ground, as it appears some companies need to be forced into responsibility.

Garrie Procopio


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