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September 1, 2009

Star Gazette
Letter to the Editor

Need better bottle bill

Nestlé Waters supports the environmental goals of the New York Bottle Bill and would welcome the opportunity to provide a view on this legislation that was not included in the Aug. 14 article, "New law requiring nickel deposit on water bottles moves ahead.". We believe the bottle bill must be improved to rectify the gaping loopholes and unproductive deals created by special interest groups that will hinder recycling efforts.

Much more can be done to ensure "cleaner communities." As written, the law excludes noncarbonated beverages with added sugar from the new deposit rules and requires stores to redeem only the bottles they sell. A better law would apply to all beverages and allow consumers to return bottles to any retail or redemption center. This will do more to achieve "cleaner communities" by capturing more bottles and making recycling more convenient.

Kim Jeffery


Nestlé Waters North America


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