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September 28, 2009


Local Stores Preparing For Water Bottle Return Influx

HORSEHEADS -- Local stores are gearing up for a big change in the bottle bill.
     A federal judge is expected to lift an injunction next month, which blocked adding bottled water to the five-cent deposit law in New York.  So local supermarkets are getting ready for more people coming in to redeem bottles.
     Tom Gaige, the owner of Jubilee Foods in Horseheads, says the store's machines will automatically update to read UPC codes on water bottles.
     He says it'll be more work for small retailers and consumers.
     “It’ll be more inconvenient for the customer to save that many more plastic bottles and drag them back and forth to the store,” said Gaige.
     The addition of water bottles is designed to generate more state income.
     The Container Recycling Institute reports more than three billion water bottles are sold in New York every year.


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