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September 3, 2009

The Journal News
Letter to the Editor

Editorial missed mark on the bottle bill

In your recent editorial on the expanded bottle bill ("Clear victory for environment," Aug. 18), you made assumptions about the bottled-water industry's opposition that do not reflect the position of Nestle Waters. In fact, we fully support efforts to update New York's 27-year-old bottle law to increase recycling, but the current bill was a step in the wrong direction.

We agree that more robust recycling laws must be passed to prevent bottles from ending up in landfills or along highways. That is why the current bill must make recycling more accessible and convenient for consumers by requiring all retailers to accept all bottles. As the law is written, retailers are only required to redeem the exact same brands and types of bottles that are sold in their stores.

We also believe the bill should do more to promote recycling by requiring deposits for all beverages. Exempting non-carbonated sugary beverages not only penalizes consumers for choosing healthier drinks, but will discourage consumers from recycling more types of bottles.

It's not too late to pass a better bottle bill. Nestle Waters continues to work with Gov. David Paterson, the Legislature, environmentalists, consumer advocates and recycling experts to amend the law. When the Legislature returns to Albany this fall, we hope that the citizens of New York will join us in calling upon the governor and their elected representatives to pass a new bottle bill that is a more clear and decisive "victory" for the environment.

Kim Jeffery

Greenwich, Conn.


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