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February 17, 2010


Lawmakers Consider Bottle Law Crackdown

Some lawmakers say failure of companies to compensate for unredeemed bottles and cans is costing the state millions.

State lawmakers will consider emergency legislation this session to crack down on companies not complying with Maine's bottle deposit law, a move that could generate millions of dollars for the state treasury.

Democratic Rep. John Martin of Eagle Lake has long had concerns about the money bottlers keep when Mainers do not redeem their bottles and cans.

"The Legislature had not provided, in my opinion, the proper authority to the Department of Agriculture that's responsible to administer the bottle bill," Martin says. "So basically this will give the department the ability now to work with revenue service and get the information in order to pursue those people who are not following the law."

Martin thinks there are millions of dollars in uncollected deposit money. Under the measure, the state's Agriculture Department will be able to order the products of companies not complying with the law from store shelves.


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