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March 28, 2010

The Post-JournalLetter to the Editor

New Bottle Bill Is A Good Thing

To the Readers' Forum:

I am so happy to see NYS finally passed the upping of the bottle bill. Your stores will bellyache about it raising costs to food, but you know what? I think it'll remain the same. Your stores will get subsidized in some way, either by the 8 cents they're given for each can and bottle, or keep upping the price of soft drinks (I remember when a bottle of soda was 69 cents, now it's over double that, almost 15 years later).

I used to work a store in Michigan where they had their own bottle department (definitely a plus: A job!) and learned a good deal about the industry. The machines aren't cheap, but so isn't landfill space. Many things can be derived from recycled products (ie carpeting, tubing), hence creating more jobs, and taxes.

It saves electricity as well, and natural resources like oil (plastic) and bauxite (aluminum). I don't know of anyone who'd be against progress. I have only two concerns: Bottles brought in from the likes of Pennsylvania and Ohio, etc, and the mere fact that shopping carts are still used to haul these bottles into the store. Would you expect your favorite restaurant to cook your food using dirty utensils or on dirty surfaces? It to me is the same thing.

Russell J. Fowler



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