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April 19, 2011

Bangor Daily News
Letter to the Editor

Maine’s bottle bill works

I lived for a year in northern New Mexico, and often walked to the local library and wellness center. I’d pick up litter, cans and bottles along the way. On my way home there’d be new garbage; especially liquor and beer bottles and cans, and fast food trash. New Mexico is uniquely beautiful, but the roadside litter is appalling.

Maine is also stunningly beautiful and Maine has a bottle bill. It’s a 35-year commitment of citizens and legislators to protect our visual community. Not just for tourists, but for ourselves. And there’s a bonus: The proceeds allow us to care for each other.

I am against LD 1324, 728, 900, 1063 and 1210 and intend to let my legislators know. Please do the same.

Suzanne Tietje



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