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April 25, 2011

Bangor Daily News
Letter to the Editor

Keep bottle bill

Repeal the bottle bill because we don’t get money back on shampoo bottles and tomato sauce cans! Are you kidding me? Shampoo and tomato sauce are not used in the car. They are used in the kitchen and bathroom and disposed of appropriately. Beverages are consumed in cars, and bottles and cans are thrown out the window by irresponsible people who are too lazy to carry their refuse home with them.

I know several people who pick up cans and bottles along the highway while they walk for exercise. What else do they see? Lots of garbage from fast food restaurants. Unfortunately, there is no redemption value in picking up food containers, so that stays there.

I have been told that 80 percent of the cans and bottles picked up along the  highway once held alcoholic beverages. The other 20 percent are water bottles  and various other soft drinks. People do “drink and drive,” and most do not want to be caught with empty beverage containers in their car.

Keep the bottle bill. It is doing what it was designed to do. Perhaps we need redemption for fast food containers, too. Then our highways would be spotless.

Shirley G. Aube



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