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May 11, 2011

Kennebec Journal
Letter to the Editor

Bottle bill, made Maine cleaner, gave people jobs

Maine was one of the first states to pass a bottle bill. It has been an entrepreneurial success for many returnable businesses, with estimates that it generates up to $1.2 million annually.

It has noticeably cleared the roadsides of discarded bottles, plus it has kept bottles and cans out of landfills.

So what is broken and what needs to be fixed? Apparently, a few lawmakers want to weaken the law and Sen. Tom Martin, R-Benton, wants to repeal the law entirely.

In 1979, the industry attempted to repeal Maine's bottle bill, and 85 percent of voters rejected the effort.

People who don't want to return bottles, don't have to -- it's their choice. But a pet peeve isn't a good enough reason to put redemption centers out of business, people out of work and clutter the environment.

Ann Marie Treger



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