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Bottle Bills in the News


Redemption center plans to close

November 25, 2011 Enough is enough. Kelley and Tina Martin, owners of Martin Enterprises, are closing their redemption center at 100 Sumner St., in Decorah, in five months. Decorah Newspapers

Jochum: Recycling Plan Will Start the Discussion
The Iowa Lawmaker says efforts to expand the bottle deposit law have failed, but experts doubt a statewide recycling program would have much success

October 5, 2011 Sen. Pam Jochum described her bill to replace Iowa's nickel deposit law vvith a state- wide recycling program as a conversation starter. Dubuque TH

Iowa bottle bill survives

August 4, 2011 In Iowa, lawmakers gave serious consideration to repealing the state's 33-year-old bottle bill during the last legislative session. Although efforts to scrap the law failed, the Iowa Recycling Association is expecting a similar effort when lawmakers meet again later this year. The repeal legislation would have removed the nickel deposit on covered beverage containers, set higher landfill volume reduction goals and increased littering fines from $70 to $150, according to the Des Moines Register. Resource Recycling






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