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February 8, 2008

ABC News

Kiernan wants cash for cans

The founder of Clean Up Australia Day is calling for a national container deposit scheme for drink bottles and cans.

Ian Kiernan is in Darwin to launch a new clean up Australia advertising campaign and a report on the rubbish collected during last years clean up.

Mr Kiernan says he'd like to see a 20 cent deposit added to the cost of plastic bottle drinks sold in the Territory.

"There is an increase in plastic beverage containers out there. It represented 10 percent of what was found in the Territory last year and that's up 3 percent on 2006 so the trend is up. Another good reason for looking at deposit legislation.

"I know that the Territory went very close to putting in a container deposit legislation but it failed in the end.

"We know that recovery rates in South Australia are close to 90 percent for beverage containers. The rest of the country - 38 per cent. It just obviously says what a good idea container deposit legislation is."



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