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April 17, 2008

ABC News

Beverage companies deny container deposit scare campaign

Independent Northern Territory politician Gerry Wood wants a container deposit scheme - where people get a refund on recycled bottles and cans - set up in the Territory.

Australia's environment ministers are meeting in Melbourne today to talk about a national container deposit scheme.

The member for Nelson says the system has been a success in South Australia.

"It reduces litter. You'll see cans and bottles around shopping centres and people will pick those up.

"It reduces the amount of stuff going into landfill, it increases recycling. South Australia has the highest recycling percentages of any part of Australia."

Mr Wood says beverage companies are running a scare campaign to stop a national recycling scheme from going ahead.

"What they're ignoring is the fact that no matter if it's a 5 cent, 10 cent or 20 cent, you will get that money back if you take it to a recycling depot.

"That's exactly what has happened in South Australia and they haven't given up drinking ... The whole thing is simply just part of a scare campaign."

The Australian Liquor Stores Association says it's not turning people away from the proposed national scheme.

The association's CEO Terry Mott says there's no proof the system is good for the environment.

"Rather than looking at a quick-fix band aid and going for a 'let's put 5 cents, let's put 10 cents, let's put 20 cents on it', we would prefer to see a broader and far reaching review that looked at the total litter stream."



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