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August 14, 2008

The Border Watch

Container deposit increases September 1

South Australia’s low drink container litter is expected to drop even more when the deposit on beverage cans, cartons and bottles increases to 10c on September 1.

According to the Keep Australia Beautiful Litter Index, South Australia is performing well in litter reduction with less beverage container litter, fewer butts in the environment and less illegally dumped waste.

More than 150 sites were monitored in South Australia in May and it was estimated about 600 million containers were returned on deposits annually.

However, some litter was still cause for concern with plastic items remaining higher than average, and take away food containers increasing from the 1005/06 count.

Keep South Australia Beautiful (KESAB) executive director John Phillips said overall trends in South Australia showed retail shopping centres, industrial areas and highways were the most littered.

“Plastic remains unacceptably high with plastic shopping bags. straws, confectionery wrappers, bottle tops and industrial sheeting and strapping being the main items,” he said.


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