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March 19, 2008


Muna-Barnes' bill encourages proper recycling
by Clynt Ridgell

Senator Tina Rose Muna-Barnes introduced Bill 244, The Recycling Act of 2009, essentially a bottle bill encouraging proper disposal of materials to help clean up the island. The bill, if passed, and signed into law would establish a recycling deposit fund separate and apart from all other Government of Guam funds.

Consumers when purchasing a beverage in either a glass or plastic bottle and cans and cartons, would pay a fee of no less than $0.05. "It's going to be good for Guam," the Democrat explained, "It would clean Guam, there's going to be economic development for our island and I just think that it's going to be really good for us and I'm really, really excited and I hope to have a public hearing really soon."

Muna-Barnes hopes to have the measure implemented by October 1, 2009. However, it won't be implemented at all unless the military commands on Guam also participate in the program. The bill is co-sponsored by nine other senators from both sides of the floor.


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