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October 5, 2009

ABC NewsNorth QLD

Clean-up sparks calls for container deposit scheme

Organisers say they are pleased with a turnout of more than 1,000 volunteers for the first north Australia clean-up yesterday.

More than 1,200 volunteers collected rubbish at locations nominated by Clean Up Australia to prevent it from being washed into northern waterways.

Clean Up chief executive Terrie-Ann Johnson says recyclable drink cans and bottles made up a big portion of the rubbish, adding weight to the argument for a national container deposit scheme.

"It's about time the rest of our politicians took a little bit of time to think about this - the community wants it whenever well poll the community, we get overwhelming support for this container deposit legislation," she said.

Ms Johnson says recyclable bottles were the most common items recovered.

"Predominantly plastics still out there and it outlives you and me added up together," she said.

"That's the hassle here and most of the stuff that's being collected is recyclable which is also a great shame, because if we can stop thinking of this as rubbish and start thinking of it as a resource and get it back into the manufacturing mix we can change so much.

"This stuff is not rubbish, its actually a resource - the community is crying out for support in this and they are well aware that if we had national container deposit legislation, we would reduce the amount of recyclables that end up in the environment by roughly two-thirds."


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