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November 12, 2009

ABC News

Legal risk: container deposit laws redrafted

The Northern Territory government has been forced to redraft its container deposit legislation to avoid a legal challenge.

The legislation is designed to set up a system for people to get financial returns on used food and grocery containers.

Independent MLA Gerry Woods says the food and grocery industry would be the mostly likely challengers.

"They oppose container deposit legislation," he said.

"They always have ... and I had a phone call from a local person asking for some details because he was working on behalf of someone else who obviously was part of the legal challenge that I would expect from the industry."

Mr Wood says the new legislation will be a bit more like the South Australian model but without some of its problems.

"There are a number of anomalies in the South Australian system," he said.

"For instance, a non-alcoholic wine bottle you'll get a 10 cent deposit for but a wine bottle you won't."


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