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February 12, 2009

ABC News

Launceston backs drink container deposits

The Launceston City Council has supported calls for a bottle and can refund scheme to be introduced in Tasmania.

It follows the release of a new report which shows more than 146 tonnes of bottles and cans were collected in Tasmania on Clean-up Australia Day.

Chairman of the campaign, Ian Kiernan, said if the Tasmanian Government introduced a 10 cent refund scheme for recycled beverage containers, the state would be a lot cleaner.

The Mayor of Launceston, Albert Van Zetten, says the council does it best to encourage people to recycle but the government should pitch in too.

"We just think it's vital that we have this legislation, we know that it's good to have one day to clean up Australia and so many people volunteer to get involved, but it really should be an ongoing thing," Mr Van Zetten said.

A government spokesman says a feasibility study into refund schemes is currently being carried out.


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