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August 29, 2009

2SER's Razors Edge

Senate investigates container deposit scheme

Plans to introduce a nation wide Container Deposits system could reduce Australia’s greenhouse emissions by over 1.3 million tones per year.

The scheme, whereby 10 cents is paid on the return of a beverage container, was presented at the Senate Inquiry into the Environment Protection Bill 2009 this week.

Some 2000 reverse vending machines could be situated around Australia to collect not only beverage containers, but other “problem materials” including batteries and e-waste.

If the plan is to go ahead Australia’s recycling rates, currently around the 40% mark, could improve to reach 80%.

The system is expected to create 2000 jobs and save the government at least $83 million per annum in landfill and curbside pick up costs.

2Ser’s Jessica Bineth spoke with Sarah Van Ert, a Waste Minimisation Officer at the Total Environment Centre.



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