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December 18th, 2010

NT News

Can deposit plan, NT grocers urge

THE beverage industry has launched a ferocious campaign against the Territory Government's proposed cash for containers scheme.

The Australian Food and Grocery Council published a full-page open letter to Territory politicians today, urging them not to vote for the legislation until all costings and analyses have been released by the Government.

Chief executive Kate Carnell said no one had seen a business case for the proposed container deposit legislation.

"The NT Government has not released a cost-benefit analysis and there is no information on the potential costs to consumers or Government," Ms Carnell said.

She said scheme would add 10c to the cost of a drink.

Environment Minister Karl Hampton said last week evidence from South Australia as well as the Territory's own analysis put the maximum cost to consumers of the container deposit scheme at 6c per container.

"I think that $1.44 per carton of drinks is a small price to pay to get containers out of our beautiful natural environment and landfill and money into the pocket of kids and community groups," he said.

But Ms Carnell said a recent report showed a national CDL would cost a massive $680 million a year to run and and only reduce litter by 6 per cent.

"There's a huge cost and Territorians have a right to know what impact the Government's proposed CDL will have on them. On the current figures, it's believed CDL will force up the price of a carton of beer by nearly $5," Ms Carnell said.

The Northern Territory Government will bring in the scheme by the end of next year, aiming to cut litter and halve the number of aluminium cans, glass bottles and milk containers going to landfill.

A deposit of 10c will be paid for each container and collection depots will be established across the Territory.


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