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March 15, 2010

The Examiner

Leaders answer our readers' questions


Q: Will the leader agree to bringing in drink container deposit legislation, similar to South Australia's, in the first 12 months of the new government?

David Bartlett: The State Government is committed to reducing litter and increasing recycling. Unlike the Liberals, we have a strategy for dealing with waste in Tasmania and last year we released a feasibility study

on a container deposit system for Tasmania. The study examined the pros and cons of introducing a deposit system to Tasmania, including impacts on relevant industries and kerbside recycling. It complements work being done by Australian environment ministers in the Environment Protection and Heritage Council. The council has begun an investigation into a national container deposit system and is conducting a Choice Modelling Survey to etermine the community's preparedness to pay for a national container-packaging recovery scheme.We await the results of this survey and will work closely with the Environment Protection and Heritage Council to determine what would be the best container deposit system option for Tasmania.

Will Hodgman: No. Container deposit legislation should be considered in the context not only of waste management but also the position of local government, which runs local waste disposal in many parts of the state, and any impact on the cost of beverages. We have committed to phasing out non-biodegradable plastic bags within two years.

Nick McKim: Yes, we are committed to introducing legislation to create a CDL system in Tasmania, along with other reforms to remove more recyclables from the waste stream. The Tasmanian Greens have long advocated for a CDL system to be introduced and we do not believe that there needs to be a national scheme before establishing one in Tasmania, as South Australia's long-standing and successful scheme proves.


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