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March 6, 2010

Tweed Daily News

MP calls for drink bottle deposit

WITH hundreds of volunteers across the Tweed preparing for tomorrow’s Clean Up Australia Day, North Coast Greens Party MP Ian Cohen has suggested deposits on drink containers could save a lot of effort.

Mr Cohen has drawn attention to last year’s Clean Up Australia Day report which showed six of the top 10 items in the recovered rubbish were related to beverage containers. He said aluminium alcohol beverage cans rose from seventh to the third place in the top-10 list in last year’s report, accounting for 29.7 per cent of the top-10 items cleaned up.

“It’s disappointing that, after cigarette butts, glass alcohol bottles were the most common type of rubbish found,” he said.

“Container Deposit Legislation would have saved these containers for recycling.”

Mr Cohen said a Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Bill he put to Parliament last year was rejected “despite a clear community desire for a container deposit recycling scheme”.

“A recent poll commissioned by Clean Up Australia found that 87 per cent of Australians want a national container deposit refund scheme,” he said.


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