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April 27, 2010

The Standard

Call to bring in drink bottle deposit

A CALL for drink container deposits to be introduced in Victoria has again fallen on deaf ears in the lead-up to higher fees for dumping rubbish in landfills.

Warrnambool-ba sed member for South West Coast Denis Napthine told Parliament recently container deposits had operated successfully in South Australia for more than 30 years.

"It significantly improves recycling rates of aluminium cans, glass bottles and plastic bottles, which form a major part of our waste stream and too many of which are dumped in landfill in Victoria," he said.

New landfill levies will come into effect on July 1, producing a slight increase in fees.

Environment and Climate Change Minister Gavin Jennings said the average cost for households in metropolitan and provincial areas would rise from about $4 a year to about $13. In regional areas the average cost would go to $7 a year.

"For households taking an average 100 kilogram trailer to the tip the cost of the levy increase at the gate will be around $1 in Melbourne and provincial areas and around 30 cents in regional areas," he said.

Mr Jennings said councils and recyclers would share $17 million to improve collection and waste management and $6m would be spent to establish a strike force to catch illegal rubbish dumpers.

Dr Napthine said the government had a negative head-in-the-sand approach.

"Container deposit legislation would significantly reduce littering on our roadsides and the amoung of plastic, bottles and aluminium going to landfill," he said.


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