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May 3, 2010

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Letter to the Editor

Weller should support 'carry in, carry out'

I have been disappointed by Member for Rodney Paul Wellar's recent condemnation of Parks Victoria for applying a ``carry in, carry out'' policy.

It is not unreasonable to expect that people take the rubbish they generate out of our parks.

In fact, respect for our parks and responsible waste disposal should be encouraged and fostered by our elected representatives.

Paul Wellar is condemning the wrong people.

He should be condemning the people littering our lovely public spaces, an offence that can attract a hefty fine.

The majority of visitors to our parks are staying only a short time in any one place, and many are locals.

How hard is it to leave the rubbish in the car until you get home or to the next town?

Paul Wellar appears to condone the dumping of rubbish by lazy or irresponsible campers, rather than educating and encouraging them to act responsibly.

And if our politicians would introduce container deposit legislation in Victoria, there may not be much rubbish left behind in the parks at all.

Helen Robinson,



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