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July 22, 2010

9 News

Big jump in container recycling in SA

More than 80 per cent of all drink containers are now recycled in South Australia, the only state to have a deposit on cans and cartons.

Environment Minister Paul Caica said based on the latest figures, other states should also introduce a container deposit scheme.

The minister said the figures showed an increase in recycling in the past financial year with 80.1 per cent of all containers now returned.

He said the improved return rates clearly coincided with the increase in the refund for drink containers from 5c to 10c in September 2008.

"In real terms this means that in the past financial year 49,800 tonnes of beverage containers were recycled and diverted from landfill, Mr Caica said.

"Since the refund was increased, approximately 1.125 billion beverage containers have been returned to recycling depots for a refund, representing more than $112.5 million going back into the pockets of the community."

The minister said the latest figures showed SA's container deposit scheme was one of the most successful litter management and recycling programs in Australia.

"South Australia has led the way in this area for more than 30 years and I believe the container deposit scheme should be rolled out across Australia," he said.


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