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Jul 5, 2010

ABC News

National container deposit scheme to be assessed

Australia has moved one step closer to implementing a national scheme that would see people get money for recycling cans and drink bottles.

Under the proposed scheme, a 10-cent fee would be levied and refunded when containers are recycled.

A Federal Government-commissioned report found it would cost about $680 million per year to run.

A container deposit scheme already exists in South Australia and is being implemented in the Northern Territory.

Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett says state and territory environment ministers, who met in Darwin today, have agreed to do a regulatory impact statement to assess whether the scheme can operate at a national level.

"It's an area where there have been different views from different states," Mr Garrett said.

"I'm delighted that states have come together today and we'll look very closely in both how that regulatory impact statement is developed and delivered to us.

"Once we have received that information we can make additional decisions as we see appropriate."


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