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August 13, 2010

Macarthur Chronicle

Wollondilly Council set to adopt a can do attitude

GETTING a little coin for your cans could be a reality soon if Wollondilly Council helps support a statewide push for container deposit legislation.

Councillors were expected to support a plan last night (Monday) being pushed by Randwick City Council to introduce a “cash for cans” system similar to that in South Australia.

Under the South Australian system, people receive between five 10c for each bottle/can/recyclable beverage holder they hand over to recycling plants.

The plan, supported by the Environment Protection and Heritage Council of NSW, would be expected to make the area cleaner and more environmentally friendly.

Wollondilly Mayor Col Mitchell said he would support the plan because it would give litterbugs an incentive to stop polluting the shire’s vast network of roads.

“The plan would be a big saving for us and that deposit would mean people who are driving along would think twice before throwing their rubbish out the window,” he said.

In a letter to Wollondilly Council in June, Randwick Mayor John Procopiadis said an independent review of the scheme earlier this year found the financial and environmental benefits significantly exceeded the costs.


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