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March 11, 2010

Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Plastic bottle collection price to be decided

The Environment Department is going to meet with bottling giants Fiji Water, Coca Cola and other companies to decide on the price to pay the public for their empty plastic bottles.

Acting Environment director Jope Davetanivalu says this is phase one of implementing the Container Deposit Legislation.

There have been a number of proposed prices but the bottling companies are still to agree on one.

Davetanivalu says that once the price is set, they will begin the actual bottle collection system, which is similar to the beer collection system we have in Fiji.

Plastic drinking bottles is an environmental concern and the Environment Department hopes to eradicate this though this initiative.

Davetanivalu says the bottles will be shipped overseas for recycling since it’s not economically viable to operate a recycling plant here.


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